It's not just about creating a nice design
It's about connecting with people


My name is Caspar. Here's a bit of what I bring to the table:


From information architecture and user-tested wireframes to clean semantic markup, every project's focus is on the experience of the end user.

Web Design

Clean, crisp designs that communicate clearly — that is the aim. And responsive web layouts mean your content is accessible on more devices.

Client Relations

With a name like Caspar, it's not surprising that people find it easy to work with me. I'm a good listener and a good communicator.


A Brief History

  • pencils


    Humble Beginnings

    With a bright science and engineering future ahead of me, I used my academic scholarship to study architecture, art, graphic design and advertising. Imagine my parents’ dismay.

  • pencils


    A Career is Born

    After art school, I began a career in graphic design, helped a couple companies establish in-house graphic design studios, and even managed a small print shop before web design lured me in.

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    Transition to Web

    Feeling like I had mastered print, I began to focus on web design. I hated coding in the past, but now I’m driven to produce clean, semantic, and efficiently coded websites.

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    UI/UX & responsive layouts

    My focus is on creating responsive layouts with user interfaces that take advantage of their digital platforms. I now manage more designs than I build, but still love diving into design and code.


Due to the privacy policies governing many of my projects, I cannot publicly display examples as part of my portfolio.